The Japie Hen

Carries the TT allele for statistically better performing offspring!

Daughter of 3x1st National & 1x1st International Winners!

Sire is ‘Japie’ NL99-2339710

1. Nat. St. Vincent 2003  6000+b.

1. Nat. St. Vincent 2004  6000+b.

Dam is ‘De Passion’

1.Nat.  Bergerac 2008 14.372b.   867km

1.Int Nat. Bergerac      2008   21.562b.

Winning by 70m/m Clocked over 1 Hour in the lead!

Now the property of Endurance Breeding Centre Europe

Please contact us below with your enquiry on how to purchase children of this rare hen!

ENQUIRE About The Japie Hen


"Fantastic hen with the DRD4-a TT gene for statistically better performance!"