Second Speedy

Exceptional marathon distance career;

5.       Nat. Barcelona’17          4,504p.

10.      Int. Barcelona’17          17,026p.

15.      Nat. Dax                         8,398p.

60.      Nat. Tarbes                    4,670p.

91.     Nat. Bergerac                  4,663p.

180.    Nat. Cahors                   10,624p.

427.    Nat. St. Vincent               9,757p.

793.    Nat. Dax                          4,616p.

914.    Nat. St. Vincent               6,169p.

1141.  Nat. Tarbes                      5,392p.

1472.  Nat. St. Vincent                6,228p.

Son of ‘Speedy Bang’

2. Nat. Dax

15. Nat. St.Vincent

‘Second Speedy’ is from multiple generations of top performers and breeders from extreme distances!

Original W. Scheijvens

Now the property of Endurance Breeding Centre Europe

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