Double New Laureaat

Personally selected with Hugo Batenburg

Double Granddaughter of the world famous ‘New Laureaat’

1. Nat          Barcelona      10.685b.

1. Int Nat.  Barcelona       25.382b.

Also Granddaughter of ‘Kleine Jade’

1. Nat        Barcelona ’14    5423b.

1. Int Nat. Barcelona ’14  20,669b.  

Also Granddaughter of ‘Rosanna’

1. Nat          Barcelona ’15   5183b.

3. Int Nat.   Barcelona ’15 19.089b.

Bred by Batenburg Van de Merwe

Now the property of Endurance Breeding Centre Europe

Please contact us below with your enquiry on how to purchase children of this fantastic double granddaughter of the legendary International Barcelona Champion!

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