An extraordinary pigeon, from an extraordinary Barcelona racing loft!

2. Nat Barcelona 2016 7693p.

5. Int.Nat. Barcelona 2016 17,732p.

Bred and raced by Lieven Buelens, Scherpenheuvel

Now the property of Endurance Breeding Centre Europe

‘Conquistador’ achieved this phenomenal result as a mere two year old and he was only one of seven pigeons to achieve a velocity of over 1100 m/pm! An extremely hard edition of the Barcelona classic.

From the loft of Lieven Buelens, the Belgian Barcelona master! 1. Ace Barcelona Loft all of Belgium over 5 years!

Please contact us below with your enquiry on how to purchase children and grandchildren of this fantastic Barcelona Champion and truly exquisite pigeon!

Lieven Buelens (Centre-Left) receiving the ‘Primus-Inter-Pares’ award.

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"This type of pigeon is rare. A stunning specimen!"